Everybody has a relationship with sex, there is no denying it. One of the major goals of sex therapy is to help you have a healthy relationship with your sexual needs, wants, and desires, but not feel scrutinized or stigmatized. The relationship you have with sex is not just about how you have sex, but also includes your feelings, your emotions, your body, and your mind. Opening up one’s views of sexuality opens up one’s personality and developmental growth. To help you get to a fulfilling level of sexual health, together, we will unpack your history, your belief systems, your goals, and most importantly, your authentic self. Ultimately, sex therapy focuses on your pleasure and ensuring that pleasure resonates within both your sex life as well as your everyday life.

As with therapy in general, sometimes talking about things that are related to sex may be uncomfortable for you to discuss out loud with another person, or very difficult to even acknowledge to yourself.  Many of us have a lot of negativity, stigmas, sometimes even trauma, getting in the way of our sexual health and desires.  If you are willing to examine these things, I will gladly help you move towards a more grounded and consciously positive sexual experience.

I have thorough training in sex therapy and apply a multi-faceted approach. My passion and desire to support those with sex-related issues runs deep. Within my practice, I provide a nonjudgmental space in which you may safely reveal your most unguarded self. You will not be guilted, shamed, or stereotyped about your sexual interests, but rather encouraged to make sure that you are practicing and living out your most healthy sexual self.


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